Dog and horse paintings as well as portraits as prints

Canvas prints:
Suitable for every wall and every budget

Maybe you like a painting, but it is too big for your wall … or too small. No problem. It is possible to order prints of almost every painting in your desired format. Wether you want a dog or horse painting or a portrait … everything is possible.

You may also like one of the horse portraits, dog paintings or portraits but your budget does not allow you to purchase the original – or the original is no longer available. Even then, prints are a good option.

Hartmut Hellner himself is always amazed at how closely the prints – especially the canvas prints – resemble the originals, so he has to take a close look himself to see the differences. This is due to the fact that he works exclusively with selected printers who put the highest standards on ink and the base materials of their prints. In addition, they have years of experience, state-of-the-art printers, a very good eye and, perhaps most importantly, they love their work.

Portraitgemälde von Hartmut Hellner, Leinwanddruck eines Portraits von Bismarck in einem modernen Wohnzimmer

Otto Prince of Bismarck would certainly not have thought that he would set a modern accent in German living rooms as a canvas print in the 21st century.

Art prints on canvas, Alu-Dibond or paper … which one would you prefer?

A print on canvas comes closest to the original.

Surely it is not a secret when Hartmut Hellner says that he likes canvas or fine cotton fabric the best. After all, the originals are also painted on canvas and a FineArt print on matt coated fabric comes closest to its origin because the printed painting has the same feel as the original.

When printing, the printers he works with use only the best, light-resistant ink, because only these meet his rather pedantic requirements. The high quality of the colours allows an enormous colour density, which reproduces the original in all its depth. Finally, the canvas print is varnished. This protects the image against mechanical stress and also offers additional protection against light radiation.

In the last step the canvas print is stretched by hand on a professional stretcher frame made of glued wood, just like the original painting.

Pferdegemälde von Hartmut Hellner, der Leinwanddruck einer Poloszene in einem modernen Arbeitszimmer

The dynamics of my paintings affect the atmosphere of your room.

Alu-Dibond underlines the modern charisma of my horse paintings and portraits.

In the Dibond process, first a high-quality photo paper is printed, which is then pulled onto a 3 millimeter thick aluminum Dibond plate and sealed with a silk-matt protective film. All layers are firmly connected to one another. The thickness of the Alu-Dibond board gives the print a very high stability, so that it can be hung up without a frame using the rails on the back. Of course, this carrier material differs from the painting base of the original. However, many of his customers appreciate the modern, contemporary look of Alu-Dibond, which underlines the modernity of the painting.

Pferdeportrait von Hartmut Hellner, Leinwanddruck eines Pferdeportraits in einem modernen Wohnzimmer

Whether horse portrait or portrait – use the possibility to have paintings printed in high quality.

Horse prints on paper – the inexpensive alternative

When he prints his dog and horse paintings or portraits on paper, Hartmut Hellner only uses high-quality material from renowned paper manufacturers, because only this material enables a high colour range and contrast as well as the finest colour gradations. The papers are of course acid-free and resistant to ageing. The use of the highest quality ink guarantees a maximum colour spectrum. Otherwise Hartmut Hellner would not be satisfied with the results.

Another important note on the right of withdrawal for prints

You are completely free to choose the motif and format in which you order your print. This means, however, that it is made especially for you. Each print of my paintings is therefore a unique special production – only for you. Please understand that Hartmut Hellner therefore cannot take prints back after you have ordered them and that it is not possible to cancel the order after it has been forwarded to the print shop.

Request your canvas print in the desired format now:

Have you fallen in love with one of the dog or horse paintings or portraits? The inexpensive alternative to the original is a professional canvas print. Hartmut Hellner looks forward to receiving your enquiry.

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