Dog portraits with character

Celebrate your four-legged friend with a unique dog portrait.

Be it Nellie, Sissi or Mokka – they have all been on his easel. Whether Airedale terrier, Afghan hound, basset hound, beagle, pinscher, spaniel, dachshund or pedigree mix – Hartmut Hellner loves them all and knows how much they mean to their owners. He expresses this meaning through his dog portraits.

With a personalised dog portrait, you give your faithful four-legged friend the place they deserve in your life – and you create a lasting memory of a wonderful creature and touching moments together.

A Doberman bitch stands in a meadow and looks at the viewer with alert eyes – dog painting by Hartmut Hellner

"Many, many thanks Hartmut. I am so very happy. You captured our Baja perfectly, now she can be with us forever. THANK YOU!"

Approaching the soul

With spontaneous, seemingly fleeting brushstrokes and spirited colours, Hartmut Hellner approaches the unique character of your pet layer by layer in his dog portraits. However, he paints the eyes of your four-legged friend with particular precision, because the true nature of your loyal companion is revealed through the eyes. Let yourself be enchanted by a unique dog painting … just as you are enchanted by your dog.

A dog portrait can also be a very personal gift.

Are you looking for a gift you can be sure will touch the heart of the recipient? Hartmut Hellner’s dog portraits have already moved many people to tears of joy. Give someone extraordinary joy with a personalised dog painting.

Do you have any questions about the process? Feel free to call me at +49 178 7619485, send an email or send an enquiry.

Three steps to your dog portrait

Step 1: Do you have a photo that is suitable as a template for your painting?

1. Hartmut Hellner paints from photos.

You probably have countless photos of your dog. Together we will choose the best template for your dog painting.

Step 2: Then, together with Hartmut Hellner, you determine the optimum dimensions of your painting.

2. The right format for your dog portrait

The next step is to discuss the right format for your dog painting – and whether it should be square or rectangular.

Step 3: The commissioned painting is painted in Hartmut Hellner's studio.

3. Off to the studio

Hartmut Hellner then retires to his studio. Once he is ready he will send you a photo of the dog portrait.

It's best not to be in such a hurry.

Please assume that it will take 6 months from placing the order to the finished painting. If you are in a hurry because you would like to give the dog painting as a gift on a certain date, please contact Hartmut Hellner.

How much does a dog painting cost?

The cost of a dog portrait depends on the format and the subject. If you send an enquiry, Hartmut Hellner would be happy to quote you the price. Alternatively you can call me on +49 178 7619485 or send me an email.

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