Pferdemalerei, Auge,  Close Up von Hartmut Hellner


“In the racing scene that you painted on behalf of the Cologne Racing Club, you can literally feel the dynamics of the horses and the tension of the jockeys. It’s impressive how you made the drama of the finish run experienceable on the canvas. Everyone is thrilled. Thank you very much.”

Are you also completely in love with the dynamics, elegance, beauty and depth of horses?

Do you want to celebrate your horse in all its authenticity and character and immortalise it through an extraordinary painting full of movement?

I help horse owners from all over the world to express their enthusiasm and connection by creating distinctive paintings of their wonderful animals with powerful, broad brush strokes.

At home in every riding discipline

I paint horse portraits as well as scenes from galloping, show jumping, dressage or polo spontaneously and expressively.

Make your horse immortal – with an unmistakable one of a kind painting.

Did your thoroughbred horse just win an important race? Is your daughter’s first big love a pony? Do you feel a deep connection with a horse in your stables? Or do you want to surprise a horse lover with a special gift? Talk to me and let us express your enthusiasm together.

“This is horse painting in the absolute high-end range.”

Three steps to your one of a kind horse painting.

Step 1: Do you have a photo that is suitable as a template for your painting?

1. I paint your horse from a photo.

Do you have a photo that is suitable as a model? Do not worry about the quality. I do not need a photographic masterpiece. I often work with snapshots or simple cell phone photos. If you don’t have a photo, that’s not a problem either. I will be happy to come to your place to create suitable photographs.

Step 2: Then we determine the optimal dimensions of your image together.

2. Together we will determine the format.

I would be happy to advise you on the choice of the right format. If you wish, I will set the photo templates in different formats so that you can get a feeling for the composition before I begin painting. Like this, you have full control.

Step 3: Now I paint your commissioned painting in my studio.

3. Then I’ll get to work in my studio.

When I am satisfied with the result, I will send you a shoulder glance and we will talk about whether there is something that you may want to have changed.

My Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your horse painting, you do not have to buy it. Guaranteed!

And how much does a painting cost?

The prices of my paintings vary depending on size and motive. The best thing to do is to send me a non-binding inquiry now. Or call me at +49 178 7619485 or write an email. I look forward to hearing from you.

Do you have any questions?
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