Give a special person more presence in your life.

Who inspires you, who enriches your life? Which encounters have shaped you? Who would you most like to always be close to? Who fills you with warmth, with gratitude or with strength when you think of them?

Is it a person that you admire? Is it your children? Is it your partner? Is it your parents? Your grandparents?

Underline the extraordinary importance these people carry for you with a distinctive portrait full of expressiveness.

A very personal gift

Or perhaps you are looking for a very personal gift for a wedding, anniversary or a special birthday.

Or you would like to have a modern portrait of the founder of your company painted to furnish the entrance, your office or the conference room.

Hartmut Hellner would be very happy to paint a portrait according to your ideas. Please call him at +49 178 7619485, send an inquiry or send an email.

In three steps to your unique portrait painting

Step 1: Do you have a photo that is suitable as a template for your painting?

1. The basis of your portrait is a photo.

Do you have a photo? Usually simple snapshots are sufficient. If you would like to have a portrait of a historical personality, we are sure to find templates on the Internet.

Step 2: Then, together with Hartmut Hellner, you determine the optimum dimensions of your painting.

2. What size should the portrait be?

The next step is to determine the correct size for the portrait. Hartmut Hellner will gladly put the photo templates in different formats so that you get a good feeling for the composition that your portrait will have.

Step 3: The commissioned painting is painted in Hartmut Hellner's studio.

3. Now it’s time to start.

Now Hartmut Hellner will get to work in his studio. When he is satisfied with the result, he will send you a photo.

Do you have some time on your hands?

Usually Hartmut Hellner is quite busy with orders. Beacuse of this it may take up to 6 months for him to complete an order. Should you need your prtrait earlier, please do let him know and he will see what he can do.

How much does a portrait cost?

This depends on the size of the painting and the subject. Please send a non-binding onquiry and Hartmut HellnerI will contact you shortly. Of course you can also call him at +49 178 7619485 or send an email.

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