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"It is incredible how precisely Hartmut Hellner brings the character of our beloved horses to life on canvas with just a few skilful brushstrokes. His paintings are not only beautiful but also exceptionally expressive. His work gives me great pleasure!"

Horse paintings full of depth

… A Hellner typically does not appear in postcard format, but rather on a large scale, even if sometimes only one detail, such as a horse’s eye, is depicted. It is striking how large Hellner prefers to paint, but how some details are worked out very precisely and thus sometimes achieve an astonishing expressiveness. (Magazine Vollblut) … read more


Trademark of the German painter Hartmut Hellner, are the powerful brushstrokes with which he captures horses and people on the canvas. (Magazine St. Georg) … read more

“If coincidence decreases, waste increases”

On the Derby weekend in Hamburg we noticed some works by Hartmut Hellner exhibited in the Pik König Lounge. The large-format paintings revealed a style of horse painting that has never been seen before. We talked to the painter, who lives and works in Hamburg … (Sport-Welt) … read more

“It was a great pleasure to have you and your wonderful paintings at the Longines Balve Optimum 2021. Through your paintings, you have decoratively embellished our VIP area for dressage and thus given it a unique atmosphere. Your work fitted wonderfully into the whole terrain, both thematically and stylistically. They contributed significantly to a feel-good atmosphere in the VIP area.”
(Rosalie Gräfin von Landsberg-Velen)

“I would never have thought that the character of a horse could be made so tangible in a painting. Yes, that really is my Betty!”
(Dr. Lasse Holstege, Remagen)

“I am overwhelmed by the power and depth of these paintings. Amazing!”
(Alexandra Wahler, Hamburger Renn-Club e.V.)

“I don’t even know how one can paint so expressively. What a talent!“
(Albert Darboven)

“In the racing scene that you painted on behalf of the Cologne Racing Club, you can literally feel the dynamics of the horses and the tension of the jockeys. It’s impressive how you made the drama of the finish run experienceable on the canvas. Everyone is thrilled. Thank you very much.”
(Eckhard Sauren, President of the Kölner Renn-Verein 1897 e.V.)

“This is horse painting in the absolute high-end range.”
(Joan Marquardt, Warendorf)

“A painter with an extraordinary new handwriting and a great new perspective in horse painting! … the paintings by Hartmut Hellner show the eyes of horses in a very unique and particularly impressive way … attentively observing in the beginning, relaxed and proud after winning the race, sovereign and far-sighted at polo … unique and impressive, with soft and sweeping brush strokes on the canvas. Extraordinary colours captivate the eye while breath and smell of the horses seem to be felt almost physically. Top!”
(Rosemairie Friederichs, Heinrich Friederichs Museum, Warendorf)

“We’re all in love with your painting, which immediately captivated us: Modern, full of energy,with a great expression and simply beautiful.”
(Sabine Wentrup, Münster)

“I only met you a few years ago, but I think I can say that you have found a special interpretation of our beloved animals. For you, many essential details of a horse stand in the foreground, the speed of the thoroughbreds likewise and not to forget their beauty. It is impressive how you create an extraordinary colour arrangement, which gives your works a high independence. One is inclined to say that you are a very special horse painter in Germany, perhaps even the best.”
(Manfred Ostermann, Stud Hof Ittlingen, Werne)

„I consider good art to be a higher form of communication. Hartmut Hellner, with his seemingly effortless brushstrokes, speaks to the inner being of the viewer with absolute class. He magically achieves what a good artist does best, bringing about a communication of the highest caliber. As true an Artist as he is a sincere and heartfelt person.“
(Florian Junge, Künstler, Südafrika)

“Thanks again for the really great horse portrait of our “Fanja”. It is a real “Hellner” and we are totally thrilled how even the character of our Hanoverian mare is reflected in the painting. Especially remarkable is your garnd painting technique, which literally pulls the viewer into the painting in order to explore the special colour nuances, reflexes and structures even more closely – exciting, surprising and fascinating at the same time!”
(Jochen Scharnweber, Mölln)

“In my office hangs a real Hellner. Two thoroughbreds in the final fight just before the finish line. The jockeys fight, the horses whirl, the colours flow … Every morning I rejoice and gain energy from the dynamics of the painting!”
(Philipp von Loeper, chairman of the supervisory board of Eppendorf AG)

“Impressively masterful performance”
(Peter Sörries, art dealer Düsseldorf, Baden-Baden)

“Your canvas print of the painting “Eye” has taken a special place in our living room. We are thrilled by this painting. At first, visitors consider the “Eye” to be abstract art. Only at a second glance you can see the eye of the horse, which makes your painting really special. Other horse lovers who came to visit us photographed the painting out of enthusiasm. For us this “Eye” is of particular importance, because it could also belong to our horse. Many thanks again for the uncomplicated delivery.”
(Rita Keweloh, Sendenhorst)

“I just can’t get enough of our HELLNER! I constantly discover surprising details, colour games and brushstrokes. This dynamic of the horse motif has so much fascinating energy. Great how you manage to bring this power and the essence of the horse to the canvas. Hartmut Hellner, thank you very much for that!”
(J. Kruse, Hamburg)

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