References and press reviews

“A completely unique, thus far unseen style in horse painting.”

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“It is incredible how precisely Hartmut Hellner brings the character of our beloved horses to life on canvas with just a few skillful brushstrokes. His paintings are not only beautiful but also exceptionally expressive. His work gives me great pleasure!”

Isabell Werth
“The most successful dressage rider of all time” (Pferderevue)

“I find it particularly fascinating how Hartmut Hellner has managed to capture the true facial expression, especially the horse’s eye. There is so much emotion and feeling in the artwork.”

Jessica von Bredow-Werndl
Olymic Gold-Medalist, World Champion, Eauropean and German Champion

“Such powerful expression! I am deeply impressed. I’ve never seen horse portraits like this before.“

Beatrice Bürchler-Keller
“The “Grande Dame” of the dressage sport” (PferdeWoche)

“Expressive, full of character, elegant and simply beautiful – just like D’avie. We love the portrait and enjoy it every day. Thank you!”

Lisa and Thomas Müller
Wettlkam Stud

“His paintings are full of movement and he brings the animals to life on canvas with all their dynamism and depth of character.”

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“Hartmut Hellner inspires the equestrian scene with his colourful horse portraits.“

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“The most sought-after and successful horse painter”

Rosemarie Friederichs
Heinrich Friederichs Museum, Warendorf

„Hartmut Hellner brings a whole new temperament to German horse painting with his modern, explosive way of painting.“

Katerina Morgan, gallerist

„We are incredibly proud of Touchdown and thrilled to see his strength of character expressed so beautifully in this amazing painting. Thank you Hartmut!”

Lyndal Oatly, Patrik Kittel
Ten-time Swedish dressage champion

“An astonishing expressiveness!”

Magazine Vollblut read more

“In the racing scene that you painted on behalf of the Cologne Racing Club, you can literally feel the dynamics of the horses and the tension of the jockeys. It’s impressive how you made the drama of the finish run experienceable on the canvas. Everyone is thrilled. Thank you very much.”

Eckhard Sauren
President of the Kölner Renn-Verein 1897 e.V.

“What a talent!“

Albert Darboven

“I’m filled with joy and emotion. This has turned out incredibly well. I think your art is great anyway, but when it’s your own horse, it’s something completely different. I am really thrilled and would like to thank you for this wonderful gift you have given me.”

Alina Asmuth, Meinerzhagen

“Saturday was finally the day and we celebrated an incredible wedding. Sunday morning I was finally able to show Henning your painting – and he started crying with joy! “That is exactly how he always looks at me!” The reaction couldn’t have been bigger. Thank you so much again!”

Sofie Ebdrup, Hamburg

“We’re all in love with your painting, which immediately captivated us: Modern, full of energy,with a great expression and simply beautiful.”

Sabine Wentrup, Münster