Your horse is unique!

Immortalise it
in all its authenticity and dynamism through an extraordinary painting.

“The most sought-after and successful horse painter"

Rosemarie Friederichs
Heinrich Friederichs Museum, Warendorf

Hartmut Hellner has become an integral part of equestrian painting. Major horse magazines such as St. Georg, Reiter Revue International, Sport Welt and Vollblut celebrate his distinctive style. To bid farewell to Bella Rose at the CHIO in Aachen, Isabell Werth was presented with a portrait of her favorite horse painted by Hartmut Hellner. In 2025, the Deutsches Pferdemuseum (German Horse Museum) will be honoring his work with a special exhibition – a tribute that very few living artists have received before him.

Immortilise your horse in three steps.

Step 1: Do you have a photo that is suitable as a template for your painting?

1. His paintings are based on photos.

Hartmut Hellner uses photos as templates when he paints. They don’t have to be masterpieces. Usually, a phone snapshot is sufficient.

Step 2: Then, together with Hartmut Hellner, you determine the optimum dimensions of your painting.

2. What size should it be?

He places the photos of your horse in different formats so that you get a good feel for the perfect size and composition.

Step 3: The commissioned painting is painted in Hartmut Hellner's studio.

3. Let’s get to work!

Hartmut Hellner then gets to work.