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Immortalise it in all its authenticity and dynamism through an extraordinary painting.

Horse paintings and portraits as powerful and expressive as your horse

Horses are creatures full of power, dynamics, elegance, grace and depth. The complexity of their nature cannot simply be expressed by an accurate rendering of outward appearances.

With powerful and explosive brushstrokes, I aim deeper. I want to get to the soul of your animal to bring it to life for you on canvas with all its complexity.

Let yourself be inspired. Immortalise your horse and impress your friends with a unique painting.

"It is incredible how precisely Hartmut Hellner brings the character of our beloved horses to life on canvas with just a few skilful brushstrokes. His paintings are not only beautiful but also exceptionally expressive. His work gives me great pleasure!"

“A unique and until now unseen style of horse paintings.”

“Trademarks of the German painter Hartmut Hellner are the powerful brushstrokes with which he captures horses and people on canvas.”

Immortilise your horse in three steps.

Step 1: Do you have a photo that is suitable as a template for your painting?

1. Do you have a photo?

I use photos when I paint. Most of my clients already have very suitable photographs. They don’t have to be masterpieces. Usually, a phone snapshot is quite sufficient. (Further down you will find an example.)

Step 2: Then we determine the optimal dimensions of your image together.

2. What size should it be?

I place the photos of your horse in different formats so that together we can determine the perfect size and composition. To gain an even better impression, it is possible to project the different formats in a photo montage onto the wall where the painting will later hang.

Step 3: Now I paint your commissioned painting in my studio.

3. Let’s get to work!

I then get to work. After a few weeks, you will receive a first image of the painting. Together we then discuss possible requests for changes. Only when you are enthusiastic about the painting will I be satisfied.

My guarantee:

I want you to love your horse painting and for it to be special to you. Otherwise, you won’t have to take I over. I promise.

The photo template does not have to be perfect.

Pinball is no longer alive and the photos that were preserved of him are not perfect. Nevertheless, they sufficed as a model for his portrait.

Photo template for a horse portrait, Hartmut Hellner, horse painting
Horse portrait Pinball, Hartmut Hellner, horse painting
Portrait painting by Hartmut Hellner, Bismarck

Portraits and heads

Are you looking for a very personal gift or do you admire a person of whom you would like a portrait? Learn more about my portrait painting.

Portrait painting, canvas print in a modern living room

Canvas prints

Most of my paintings are also available as canvas prints. Your advantages: You determine the format and in addition canvas prints are cheaper than the originals. Learn more about canvas prints.

"Since Klaus Philipp no horse painter has impressed me so much!"

Hans-Heinrich von Loeper, former Secretary General of the Directorate for Thoroughbred Breeding and Racing

"I am overwhelmed by the power and depth of these images. Amazing!"

Alexandra Wahler, Hamburger Renn-Club e.V.

"What a talent!"

Albert Darboven

"Impressively masterful performance"

Peter Sörries, art dealer Düsseldorf, Baden-Baden

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